by Tani Jantsang

(Against TOS. Showing "dark force" of COS is a reality.)

All things microcosmic (molecules, etc.) and macrocosmic (species, cultures, worlds, solar systems, etc.) are pushed by a FORCE that can't be seen directly but is KNOWN to exist by what it DOES, and this is a kind of down-hill "least resistance" sliding, as if sliding through life, that does NOT result in chaotic dust as xian-types have always thought. It results in REALLY BECOMING. In order TO BECOME (Xeper!) you MUST slide, flow, or else you CAN NOT Become: and WON'T! You'll ONLY strive and FEEL strife and FEEL "NOT RIGHT" with nature. THAT is the unbridgeable gulf that exists between their kind and our kind. And that gulf CAN NOT BE fixed or bridged. Now even neurology KNOWS this. They are the flowers that REFUSED to bloom when it came TIME to bloom, and that time comes ONCE, not twice. So they ALWAYS are off-kilter with themselves, and (as a result of THAT) off-kilter with life and nature. They are AS IF "of another world (loka)" and all they think and do is AS IF of another world. The so-called "right thing to do" that requires most resistance is only "right" in terms of some moral bullshit. In the end the "REALLY right thing" is the EASY WAY (which is defamed as evil) because the RESULTS come out right IN THE END. A chemist can really explain this "energy down-hill" to anyone in a complex or simple way. But to KNOW this, SEE this is like a divine thing to see: something that even makes the hardest atheistic scientists FEEL and THINK of myth. Yet we never MEAN the same things as the others mean when we SPEAK OF things in TERMS OF divinity. We speak, instead, of material, physical things in the world that we behold and see and find beautiful. What we behold and see are REALITIES, real THINGS. We see the THING IN ITSELF as having an INNER "Itness" which changes thru forward movement in time (pushed forward by entropic force) and that this "thing in itself" interrelates TO and interacts ON other things that are things in themselves. There is a push-pull quality here, almost an opposition that SEEMS as if it can not exist together, yet it not only exists together, it's what DEFINES LIFE as life is defined by FORWARD MOVEMENT or change - or evolution. We SEE this because we are NORMAL. The others that can not see it can't see it because their brains aren't hooked up in a way that enables them to FEEL THEMSELVES as BEING part of this nature or part of this WHOLE picture. They also feel as if they have no Selves. You can easily know they feel this by the things THEY WRITE DOWN FOR ALL TO READ! In fact, they PREACH it!!

The results of this so-called CHAOS or seeming "contradictoriness!" that absolutely RULES ALL THINGS THAT EXIST in nature (for nothing exists outside of nature!) were ALWAYS, in the dark doctrines, governed by those three transcendental and/or irrational and infinite numbers: e, phi, and pi. You can't even escape it if you TRY to! If you DELIBERATELY TRY to do random things, they still manage to come out governed by these three numbers, these three "unspeakable" numbers (you'd be here forever COUNTING the numbers: they are infinite). It's IN EVERYTHING: governing the growth rate, the growth form and the inner and outer shape/substance of LIFE. And yet no one can SEE this "HAND" that MOLDS it all (hence it is DARK, not like night, but dark as in UNSEEABLE, UNDETECTABLE). Yet the few that do kundalini and tune directly into it, or the NORMAL FOLK with a normal kundalini flow, or as neurology would put it, that have brains wired up like any other mammal-animal, tend to KNOW this and write down or invent doctrines that are all similar, SAYing the same things tho they may use different types of words, code words, "mystic lingo," or just normal words which could be misinterpreted. Seeing it sure as hell DOES NOT "look" like anything there are even WORDS for, let alone anything under a microscope! It intuitively is an ABYSSAL DARKNESS with a "like LIGHT" in it flickering, and this "sight" is NOT IN space or in a place. ALL who can do this, have "seen" this. Yet NONE can IMAGINE this since NOTHING EXISTS that is like this that can actually be seen as with the physical eyes. Not the sun and not outer space: their brightness and darkness PALE in comparison to THIS SAT APEIRON DARKNESS. Yet anyone can see what this DOES in all life, even measure it and PREDICT what it will do! In the shape of the flower can you see this Lord of Darkness? YES, YOU CAN. The Catholic experts were RIGHT when they said this of old! If you want to dual this up, you COULD say that God Transcendent would be as if the Cosmos NEVER got born! You could say that the NECESSITY that caused that initial symmetry to break and the Cosmos to COME INTO BEING was initiated by THE DEVIL! But that would be a fairy tale lacking INSIGHT into the REALITY of it. It's POETIC, surely, but it's NOTHING MORE! We know (we who MADE these doctrines due to what we KNEW OF IT, and there is NO doubt that we made these, it's documented well enough) that the One Immutable Darkness (SAT) sort of STRETCHED (TAN, literally) and resulted in this "action" which CHANGED itself because it is ITSELF Entropy! So then, Entropy acts on all energy and matter and it also acts on ITSELF; and yet by acting it never decreases: measured it is actually INCREASED; and as WE always said: IT IS STILL ONE! And we who knew these things were called TANtricks, TANaim, and TANists! And the SAT is called TAN-MATRI like "Mother of Tan." Yet the Mother of the Tan and the Tan are THE SAME THING. The LIGHT that we say was "born from" (NOT "created by") this Darkness IS "all the energy and matter that gets PUSHED AROUND by THE Dark Force which you CAN'T see pushing it." This is not debatable. This is FACT, PURE FACT. You can't SEE entropy, but you can see ITS EFFECTS. The effects HAPPEN - out of NECESSITY, out of the self-movement of THINGS. You can not know the things as isolated from the interconnected Web they exist IN and act ON. As such, it's One Whole, yet Many Things.

The ONLY debate is whether or not the XIANS MEANT this thing, this real dark-force, when they said "Satan." Well, they sure as hell never said anything about Set! They surely did recognize ENEMIES when the Masons brought around Egyptoid stuff in the form of OSIRIS AND ISIS AND HORUS; but still, NO SET! Martin Bernal documents this xian Western reaction to what were clearly Masonic doings and in enmity to the Xtoid pretas out there trying to do what Aquino does: fabricate history to FEEL GOOD, seek out certain facts and ignore others to bolster up an already bullshit agenda, and then call it truth. They even do this in their sciences! But what has this force in nature, or nature itself, to do with witch-trials, sorcery spells, potions, and the like? NOTHING! I can prove it by the VOLUMES OF SCHOLARSHIP by the HIGHEST Xian authorities on just WHAT this Satan REALLY IS and WHERE it can be seen and found, and WHAT it does. Forget the Serpent and Eve. Forget the Hebrew Adversary idea. They only talked about THAT aspect of Satan when they dealt with "the type of human NOT RIGHT with himself" OR with "sexual matters." They wrote VOLUMES on how sounds, sights, smells, tastes, sense of touch, feelings (emotions which they FELT as different than the sense of touch!), logical thinking, reason and their hated rhetoric are ALL OF Satan; NATURE IS Satan's clay; Satan molded it all: that's WHY man has these sinful urges (natural desires to which Second Law Dark Force DEMANDS man must SUBMIT!). "In the shape of a flower, you can see the Devil's work." In the shape of a flower, governed by the three infinite numbers (e, phi, pi) you can KNOW THE DARK FORCE EXISTS; in the molecular and atomic shape of that flower, you can KNOW THAT DARK FORCE EXISTS! The Xian top scholars had NO CONCEPT of what makes a flower have a specific shape, or its growth rate. They were as abysmally ignorant of all things natural as the TOS types are IGNORANT as to why THEY happen to feel "lonely, NOT RIGHT, in need of STRENUOUS WORKING on themselves to GET right, which they foolishly call 'Becoming,'" they feel separate like outcasts from nature and all the other TOS xian rubbish. One CAN NOT Become/Xeper by battling against the Dark Force known as Second Law. NOT POSSIBLE! The reason they FEEL that way (not right, in need of working on themselves) is because they had to have ALREADY "refused to grow" at the right time back in their lives: probably during PUBERTY (that's the xian sickness right there: they DON'T BLOOM and LET THEMSELVES bloom, they BATTLE their OWN NATURES). I'd call this a "breed" sickness or more like a SPECIES affliction rather than a religious one. They invented their religious ideas, the religion didn't invent them! These ideas they have flowed out of what THEY FEEL, hence what they ARE, how THEY experience life: they speak of hellish awful shit, the anti-Life. That IN ITSELF is the CORE of Xianity: SUBMIT to the FORCE the female (xians DID INDEED mean literal females and their natural, biological effect on males) exerts by "merely existing," xians say, males get LURED DOWN-HILL! HA!! Yet to NOT submit to this (or submit to BEING GAY if you ARE born gay) is to FOREVER END UP "outcast from nature" and in NEED of striving to fix yourself, or waiting for a savior! They battle their own Natures due to loss of instinct early on; their culture advocates killing of their instincts.

Without even knowing what a force was or anything of nature, these top Xian scholars ALL DEFINED what was BEYOND RECOGNIZABLE as this dark-force that MOLDS NATURE AND LIFE. Everything else they think up, their social orders, their politics, their - EVERYTHING, is SKEWED along these lines, as if they are MISSING some foundational portion of their own inner-selves, their own inner-nature. Again, they say this too in a lot of their own literature when they speak of their angst and anome.

I wonder why Aquino doesn't think that LaVey PARROTED US when he put that statement into his Satanic Bible? We SAID IT long before LaVey was EVEN BORN! We have called it by names far and wide: Guiding Hand, Sri Kala Chakra, Cosmocrator, Grand Architect of the Universe, Tao, Mahakala, Chyernii Bog, Sanat Kumara (the Kumaras are the FIVE TAN we use in OUR system of categorizing how dark-force "Sat" acts on nature, identical to the Pythagorean PENTAgrammon glyph or E. Star), and other names. The Tan are PRINCIPLES OF nature but they are NOT photons, electrons, gravity, space, time, or anything that IS the Cosmos (which are "THE LIGHT" FORCES: plural). The Dark Force is five-FOLD, or at least WE CHOSE to categorize this all throughout Asia and pre-Socratic Greece, yet it is singular: Dark FORCE. Not plural. Like, we never COPYRIGHTED the phrase, duh er uh. So Anton LaVey FELT IT on his own. He was wrong about one thing he said: this force IS DEFINITELY KNOWN to science, both physics and chemistry, and it has been the "deity concept" of the Eastern peoples for CENTURIES! Dr. LaVey didn't know this: how could he? He's not a physicist nor a chemist and the Eastern doctrines are ESOTERIC, repeat, ESOTERIC, repeat, ESOTERIC: you WILL NOT find them properly explained or taught in some damned commercialized book sold to some Western person who can't KNOW the stuff anyway since he can't FEEL it. (Update discovered in 1996: Stalin's ontological dialectical materialism dealing with evolution is clearly the Dark Doctrine. It's spelled out graphically and it deals with material reality in CONTRADICTION, which is evolution itself. Some call this view "Proletarian Science" and oppose it to Bourgeois Science or FALSEHOODS; others merely say that the Dark Doctrine view IS SCIENCE and the static view of evolution is mysticism. Odd since the West has always seen our stuff as so mystical they can't even grasp it. Being unable to grasp a reality of nature within the self is not due to reality being mystical; it's due to the person unable to grasp it having a cognitive disability, a measurable one now with neurology!) (Update discovered in 1997: Mao's book "Wisdom of Mao," what I've read thus far is such a pure form of Dark Doctrine, with occasional pauses to mention the social order, or mention Marx, that this puts a whole new light on WHY the West went ballistic-paranoid about Maoism when Mao, unlike Krushchev, was no nuclear threat to the West at all nor was Mao a threat to Western European capitalist countries. I suggest here that Mao was INTUITIVELY recognized by these Xtoids as being a ruler of a whole country using the Dark Doctrine to guide it!)

We DID ALSO use Set for a short while long ago to mean "man not right with himself, feels not right, STRIVES to get right, or else he seeks a SAVIOR." This is a broken person, out of touch with nature's Dark Force inside his own body, not wired-up right. That's ALSO the definition Aquino GIVES to his Set where he claims HE FEELS ALONE and SEPARATE from nature! There is no mystery to this state of being, though the people who are IN IT think it's an unsolvable mystery and TOS states that, and tries to figure it out (HA! Dream on). Xians feel this too; that's why they WAIT for their savior TO SOLVE their strife. That's why they see nature and change as something "out there" that dangerously and threateningly acts ON THEM as if they are NOT inside of it! The Xians think they HAVE IT figured out: we Serpents DID IT to them! WE cursed them! Ha!!

Words do not fool us. They never did. A dualist is a dualist: it's a man severed from his OWN ROOT and FOREVER DOOMED to FEEL separate from life and nature. He IS his own CURSE! We KNOW this. Ultimately, the xians KNOW it too; they know they ARE this nightmare. That they have selective amnesia as to the misery they managed to spread all over the planet is a testament to the habit they have of LYING to themselves. WE KNOW THIS. They don't know it; TOS doesn't know it; THEY CAN NOT know it just as tone deaf people CAN NOT KNOW music. So they will FOREVER try to "FIGURE IT OUT." You can explain it to them (apparently, Communist writers have explained it, but to no avail), you can explain how they repeat the same self-destructive and destructive behavior in cycles, repeated cycles, they are Unable To Know: Anosognosic. They misread our words and replay them back in a form that is molded dualistically. They THINK mystically even when they try to grasp the sciences; yet they hear our words as mystical. We often don't make things easier when we CODE our words and talk almost in another "language." But we in the Esoteric School use specific, one-of-a-kind words to define one-of-a-kind things. E.g. "Strong force" could mean anything, yet physics uses this term. We use Demiurgos or Prana to say this and the words we use are never used to define anything else. Also, just as the Dark Force is not like anything else, hence not subject to analogy, so is electromagnetism! The way electrons behave is NOT LIKE anything else you can see to compare them to in analogy. No one would consider electrons mystical or imaginary things. The more you try to analogize the thing-itself by using substitute words which could also be words meaning other things (eg. strong force could be a military term referring to an army), the further away from the THING-ITSELF you get until "those who do not know, but perhaps could know" can't possibly discern the INNER-truth of what is being spoken about. (E.g., based on recent 1997 reading: Mao uses "development of a thing" instead of saying "becoming into being." Development could also refer to growth, yet growth is not the same as development. If you know the Dark Doctrine, you can CLEARLY know Mao is saying the same thing; but if you don't know the Dark Doctrine, really know it, then what Mao says can be misinterpreted or just not understood at all. The point is, one must BE this kind of being, HAVE this kind of knowing innate from EXISTING AS a being, to be able to understand any of it in the first place. We have always said this and we are right.)

So many people feel this Dark Force, are able to feel it. But IN THIS DAY OF LEARNED SCIENCES IN COLLEGES who is going to imagine that this "college taught-about force" is or was the origin of the myth of SATAN? The person tends to get MECHANISTIC about it, far away from where POETIC ideas, like devils, exist. DRAW GRAVITY: a fat guy? SO fat that he makes everything fall toward him as he walks by. DRAW LIGHT: Mrs. Bright went faster than light, she came back the previous night? A golden-haired woman riding a broom? The bristles WHOOSHING with cartoon-drawn speed lines? DRAW SECOND LAW, DRAW ENTROPY! NOW you'll end up with OUR DRAWINGS. Draw the force IN HUMANS: you end up with some kind of priapic Pan, or the Islamic El Kabus! El Awer the One Eyed Penis Genie? The male FALLS INTO SUBMISSION when the female is near, the URGE to MAKE MORE PEOPLE takes him over: he FALLS into submission at this force inside him. Oh yes, this is indeed what the Xians at their purest BATTLED AGAINST: the FORCE, the urge in the flesh, that takes over males when females are present; they even said it leads men DOWN to ruin. LET HIM battle this and he'll be SHIT IN BED, a failed man; a FAILED ANIMAL!! (YES, most Xians are SHIT IN BED and can't please any of their women who still debate whether or not vaginal and multiple orgasms exist while the "colored" world HOWLS with laughter at them and calls then FREAKS.) The random element SEEMS to cause chaos; draw Mr. Chaos himself: Mephistopheles? The Trickster-Joker Devil? The BLACK JACK of the ceremonies who is none but the HORNED MAN with an organ the size of the ones XIAN SCHOLARS wrote volumes about in Vatican Library and attributed to demons (from our word DAIMONES)? Set was IMPOTENT! Read TeVelde, the expert! Xians never said a word about Set, for OR against. But of US AS PEOPLE, as "Satan" they WROTE VOLUMES there to be read. Aquino is SUCH a whopping LIAR! He PRETENDS he doesn't know this? He only picked Set because it SOUNDS like he can MAKE "Satan" out of it, with false etymology, and he OH SO WANTED to have a Church of SATAN. It was APPROPRIATE for he-who-is-severed-from-nature to have PICKED SET! Yet, he made a medallion of Set and doesn't use it. He STILL uses OUR STAR! WANNABE, AD INFINITUM.

So BIG DEAL, Anton LaVey committed the horrible crime of FEELING this and, in the most simple terms he could think to describe it, MANAGED to come up with "dark, hidden force in nature," ..."a force that permeates and motivates all of nature!" Would he have THOUGHT to say "force" in anything previous to the 19th century when FORCE was beginning to be known of in the West? Probably not, he'd say it more poetically. LaVey is primarily an artist and musician. He is NOT a nuclear physicist or biochemist! But such as these CAN NOW explain this to anyone that REALLY CAN grasp it and, so far, based purely on the STUPID questions the TOS fools ask, NONE of them know this even to be able to RECOGNIZE it! Parroting science never meant one could APPLY it or RECOGNIZE IT in another form. They PROVE they can't by the STUPID questions they ask when Peggy, of the COS, said something BEYOND SIMPLE: "Dark Force that PERMEATES (look up the word) and MOTIVATES (look up the word) all of Nature." WHO doesn't know what this is that took ONE HIGH-SCHOOL YEAR of chemistry in the 20th century? Chemistry and physics teachers in colleges have even resorted to referring to Second Law of Thermodynamics or Entropy as a "dark force."

There is THAT TYPE, the strife-ethic xian/setian TYPE, they CAN'T FEEL IT, they don't SEE IT acting on everything all around them let alone see how it applies to something as complex as dialectical materialism. ALL their world consists of is "WORKING ON THEMSELVES TO GET RIGHT AND BECOME RIGHT AND STRIVE AND STRIVE TO FIX WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEMSELVES." If the thing IS NOT BROKEN, then no one tries to FIX IT. They can claim they mean to "make better the thing" but we see through that as more LYING TO THEMSELVES. You only have to MEET these people to KNOW WHAT they are: fundie material; broken inside, withdrawn, repressed creatures, regulators; clones that seek to clone and NOT-differentiate or change inwardly as DARK FORCE WOULD MAKE THEM DO. It is NO wonder that such inverted creatures LOOK OUTWARD TO some kind of Disembodied Entity Out There called Set. SO DO THE XIANS, toward Jesus to SAVE them (from what?)! ALL of this TYPE of broken human DOES THIS! OR they look for the Leader-Talking-Head to say "YES SIR" to. Sure, that type joins the COS or any other public group, but LaVey knows WHAT they are: SHIT. I know what they are too: WRECKERS. They can IMAGINE they are "loyal followers" but LaVey doesn't OWE THEM his opinion. (I got confirmation of THAT in writing!)

I don't even see what the argument is. TOS IS, indeed, SETIAN. And they are Setian in the same way WE SATANISTS OF OLD used that word: SETIAN! A person so detached from nature AND HIS OWN nature CAN NOT BE a Satanist: CAN NOT BE one! And by that I mean he can not be a MATERIAL HUMAN BEING ROOTED IN HIS OWN BEING AND IN REAL NATURE, nor can he ever understand humans who are this way: tho he has been calling us demons, devils and satanists for centuries! But he IS a Setian if one wishes to use the old-old word for this! He is a klippoth, a preta. Not all Xians today are Setian because of what HAPPENED TO the initial Xianity of the Pope: it all got split up. But most of them basically are broken like this to SOME degree; they all feel what Aquino is talking about, they feel the "sin" that xians are talking about, they feel cast out of something due to being isolated from their own instinct/natures. But the condition USED TO BE what Xians suffered; it is INDEED what ALL TOP XIAN SCHOLARS (volumes of this in the Vatican Library) DESCRIBE as their own "state of sin." They all tried to IMPROVE that too: LOST CAUSE. The damned engine (root) is broken in them. NO CURE. KILL THEM before they finish destroying the eco-system, which makes sense since they HATE the world and nature so much. They HATE it because they FEEL ISOLATED FROM IT, SPIT OUT, OUTCASTS, just like what Aquino claims HE feels in his "secret members-only doctrines." HA! (secret?)

I don't know what Aquino's beef is against Jews save that ALL XIANS hate Jews because they are JEALOUS AS HELL of these people who FLOW THROUGH LIFE and manage to RISE to the top. They manage to XEPER (ha!) into the best lawyers and doctors and such on their own MERIT. And they ARE/WERE INDEED, in part, OUR ALLIES. Without their help, we'd still be living and existing in a Xian HELL of the Middle Ages. THAT is a fact. Jews are completely OF the world, they LIVE IN the world and they were HATED by Xians for this materialist view. What else is there: SPIRITS? EVERYTHING is materialistic: EVEN HOW THE DARK FORCE WORKS! The WORLD, the FLESH, AND THE DEVIL! WE are the people who KNEW these things: LaVey NEVER wrote this in "The Satanic Bible." IF he knew it, he never told anyone and he doesn't OWE ANYONE the duty of telling them "the obvious." We surely DID write these things down and advance them in the name of "Science and Nature," i.e., SATAN according to the xian sentiment! OUR "Renaissance," not to be confused with the pale and dead thing given to the Xian West: the Tyranny of REASON! HA! What reason? They merely took their xian religion and put scientific words on it; they updated it! E.g.: genes became the immortal immutable soul; soma became the peripheral and virtually useless body, the baggage! Superior race became the substitute for Elect of God; inferior race became the substitute for sinner. It's SO EASY to recognize that they are saying the same things all over again.

Aquino (and men like him) is like a man who wants to color in a coloring book and then CONVINCE the fools that this is MUSIC and it was known in the old days as MUSIC, yet not one note or chord can be heard because he is coloring in a coloring book and calling it MUSIC! He's either CRAZY or a LIAR. And WHO does he fool? OH, he knows who: the lackeys, the fools, the wimps. Those who want HIM to be their "talking head" and tell them what to do and HOW to do it; what to think, what to feel, and the whole rest of the fascist SHIT. STRIVE AND STRIVE: never attain. THIRST for the WATERS OF LIFE, and forever be unable to drink: TANTALOS beset by the Furies. Klippoth: the empty shell striving to fill up. Preta: hungering, hungering, striving for food. THANATOS. All the while they LIVE INSIDE OF a fantasy, declaring that they are really GODS in disguise, the Elect of Set, while the rest of us are merely mortals. No one would care if the TOS didn't BOTHER others and try to defame COS or wage a campaign against COS since 1975. They're just like the xians who live in the fantasy that they'll have the good immortal life and be like angels in their Kingdom To Come, who claim the rest of us are sinners, mere mortals, doomed to perish in some burning fire pipe-dream of theirs, which they preach with wishful malice when they can't physically go places and destroy the joys that other humans have. These Elect of God, soon-to-be-immortal, superior "things" have spread HELL everywhere they've gone. I'd like to teach them about their own mortality: NKVD style teaching.

Man is COMMON. But the klippoth is a new development, a new thing; with his coming we called this the KALI-YUGA, meaning the age wherein people rule who have no anima or they have a negative-destructive-anima (Kali, Ophioneus) that BATTLES LIFE. These are OUR words. Adamite is the word used in the HIRAM RITE and does not refer to Jews or other Semites at all. The Yesidees (Yazidi) have the SAME RITE! They tell different tales to FOOLS who try to find out what's IN THEIR HOUSE (like GET OUT of our house). Aquino has been trying to "GET IN" to Anton LaVey's house from long before the delusion he refers to as "The Schism." He presented his GOD/POPE with this Book of Stupidity Diabolicon, --Vad], claiming demons channeled it thru him, as if he never read where LaVey ALREADY READ such feces and trashed it all in the toilet where it belonged: Xtoid medieval sub-monkey STUPIDITY. Therein Aquino tried to IMPRESS his idol, to try to GET CLOSE, to "GET IN" where he never was allowed in and STILL AIN'T IN! It's 1995 and he still goes on about ANTON LaVEY. In his delusions Blanche can't possibly be a REAL FRIEND to his former idol (who rejected him, "boo hoo!"), and she can't possibly have had good sex and had a baby without Aquino having to SLANDER even this simple and natural action. WANNABE WANNABE WANNABE. 1995 and he is STILL on about this! It's unbelievable! And there he is, using the Eastern Star when he is NOT MASONIC MATERIAL (i.e., NOT Satanic, NOT an animal). He surely isn't using the star to imply that he is "RED" either! HA!! Far from it: Aquino likes Himmler! He must look at the Set medallion he invented (creativity) and think it's SHIT! (I think it's quite pretty!) He can't be anti-Xian because his doctrine is HARD-CORE XIAN WORK-ETHIC! His kind NEVER get it: it is the deep dark mystery of the Devil as far as they are concerned. The BIG secret: THINGS DO BECOME THE BEST THEY INNATELY ARE: but ONLY IF they flow with this Second Law, this Entropic force, and FLOW ALL THEIR LIVES with it! The CULTURE which they hail from PREVENTS children at birth from flowing, so the culture PRODUCES broken, outcasts of nature. VATICAN SAYS: if they GET YOU 'till you are 7 years old, THEY GOT YOU FOR LIFE. They KNOW their stuff, alright. SO DO WE. What kind of MORON can't see that "better yourself, strive and strive to fix yourself," is identical to "BE SAVED"? Before xians "GET SAVED" they ALSO constantly strive to "BE GOOD." But they only WRECK everything. They AREN'T GOOD!

We REALLY ARE de-facto atheists if you come down to the 20th century with our doctrines. Technically, in theology, even TANTRA or TAOISM (the REAL THING, I mean) is considered atheism. There's NO GOD! YET, we use words like Lord all the time but MEAN a Force. "Lord" as in "Feudal Lord" simply means RULER. And that force is EXACTLY what the top Xian Scholars have ALWAYS called Satan without even knowing what it was. We use words like spirit or soul too and mean it in the same way Afro-Americans mean it when they say "got soul." It refers to FEELING, usually of the heart, brought on by something like music, something Dionysian.

It is AQUINO AND AQUINO ALONE who imagined that LaVey believed in some being with horns called Satan. ALL Xian-types think we MEAN this, too! Yet LaVey clearly said that the GODS/MYTHS of the pagan world BECAME the Xian devils. Surely LaVey didn't believe in Gods on Mount Olympus! LaVeyism was ALL ABOUT the VALUES and WAYS OF LIFE that Xianity condemns that are nothing but NORMAL NATURAL THINGS. It doesn't take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to read "The Satanic Bible"! But Aquino NEVER got it! No mystery: Xians never get it; dualists never get it; strivers CAN'T get it even if some chemist explains Second Law simply. They CAN'T SEE that they are living life like Niagara Falls trying to fall UP THE HILL: they are out of touch neurologically with that FEELING CENTER that would let them KNOW that they are broken. WE KNOW/HAVE the POWER they all crave: CHI, something ALL animals naturally have. It's a YANG power. But one can't get any YANG power unless they FIRST YIN, which is LET GO, FLOW. They can't even MOVE to dance! They are as if STIFF, their hips and torsos are rigid, as if frozen. WE KNOW, WE KNOW and we can SPOT THEM this way: they LOOK Xian! Enough!

There never was a schism. Two people left COS and founded TOS as a religion. Refer to "Cos vs. Tos." We, as a fact, NEVER HAD a religion at all. We had CULTURAL WAYS, PRACTICES, birthday ceremonies, planting ceremonies, PARTIES over the Solstice knowing days would get longer again and warm and sunny, etc. Religion is one of the "3 assassins" in the HIRAM rite. (The other 2 are private property-land and national boundaries.) And Satan-IST is a very modern word. We weren't called Satan-ists or even Devil WORSHIPERS: we were called DEVILS! Enough! It isn't money that Aquino seeks here, he spends enough of HIS OWN to finance his stuff. What does he want, a following of slavish clones? It seems so! But not quite. He wants to BE Anton LaVey! HA!! We always knew this and I think COS people don't get that YET: Aquino WANTS TO BE LaVey: as in "BEING". It's not easy to grasp! He even tried to make his face look like OUR faces! Does he even realize he is mimicking a RACE? I doubt it. LaVey IS that race as a fact, the GYPSY portion. And what is a Gypsy? ANY NUMBER of nomadic types of people that have "THAT LOOK WE HAVE" that tend to BE what we are like, which Xians knew well and pretty much put into the personality of their Devil. Hell, Stalin and Lenin have the "look"! Even Lovecraft stuck it into his Red Hook tale when he said Turanians are the originators of all black magic: and HE KNEW HIS CLASSICS and HISTORY very very well. Yazidis look like us, so do some Jews. It is not a Semitic look at all. It is a PENTACLE PHI RATIO face as shown on an ANCIENT mask of Hermes! Hermetic: to be SEALED SHUT from klippothic view: UNFATHOMABLE to them, yet out in the open. MUSIC as DENIED to the tone-deaf WANNABE. Tho it is true that this was often a real Hermetic Seal or Iron Curtain, impenetrable to outsiders with doors sealed shut to keep out the klippoths. So we open the doors, try to explain it. Who understands it? Only those of our own kind do, those who "already know it within their own beings" understand it. It is STILL as unfathomable, hence secret, to the others as it was when it was deliberately kept secret. The keeping of secrets was never to exclude anyone. It was because we knew what they'd DO with this kind of knowledge (including chemistry and physics knowledge which is in our Light Doctrine). And sure enough, they did it in the 20th century. They hate the world THAT MUCH that they poisoned it. I'd like to poison them. I'd like to put them into their own little hell-world: NKVD style - a nice GULAG would do.